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  • David Carrick

  • Water/Sewer Superintendent & Clerk
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  • Office Hours: By Appointment Only

Starting with the 3rd quarter of 2021, the rates are:

Quarterly Minimum Water Rate (for 6500 gallons) - $110

Excess Water Rate (over 6500 gallons) - $11.05/1000 gallons

For the 3rd quarter of 2021 only, the excess water rate will be based on a reading of all usage since September 2020. From the 4th quarter onward, quarterly water usage will be measured and excess usage over 6500 gallons each quarter will be billed.

Quarterly Minimum Sewer Rate - $114

Starting with the 1st quarter of 2022, the Quarterly Minimum Water and Sewer Rates will increase by 1%, and annually thereafter.

The Excess Water Rate does not change.

An Excess Sewer Rate of $5.05/1000 gallons over 6500 gallons of water usage takes effect.

Schedule for Water and Sewer Billing:

  • 1st Quarter (January, February, March) Bills issued mid-April, due June 1
  • 2nd Quarter (April, May, June) Bills issued mid-July, due September 1
  • 3rd Quarter (July, August, September) Bills issued mid-October, due December 1
  • 4th Quarter (October, November, December) Bills issued mid-January, due March 1


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