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There is little doubt that Cape May Point homeowners understand the importance of maintaining the dunes that surround our community.   The purpose of this article is to further enlist your ongoing support in protecting and maintaining our dunes; the importance of the dunes to CMPT property owners simply cannot be overstated.

The Environmental Commission (EC) was deeply troubled to learn of yet another incident where trees were illegally “topped” in the dunes. This was presumably done to improve the view of a homeowner(s) in the vicinity.  Shortly after a tree top is cut off (called “topping”), the tree will die.  Trees in the dunes are critical since their roots help keep sand in place.  Any action that results in the killing of a tree will have an adverse impact on our dunes.  Should you see someone other than CMPT Public Works employees cutting any vegetation in the dunes, we ask that you phone the Cape May police department immediately.

Another issue related to the dunes involves people and/or pets walking in the restricted area.  You have probably noticed the signs that dot the dunes indicating that the dunes are a “restricted area” and that anyone found in that area may be subject to a steep fine (see below).  If you see someone in the dune area, kindly ask them to leave the restricted area.

Lastly, the Environmental Commission (EC) respectfully requests that homeowners who rent their home share the following information with your renters:  “All dunes in CMPT are off limits to people and pets.  This restriction helps maintain the integrity of this critical beach feature.  It helps protect our community from flooding, as well as providing a safe place for nesting wildlife.  Anyone who enters a restricted area, which is marked by signs in the dunes, is subject to a steep fine.”  

The members of the EC greatly appreciate your cooperation.

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