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As the holiday season approaches, Atlantic City Electric offers customers tips to help identify scammers attempting to steal money and personal information. Scams occur throughout the year, but the company generally sees an increase in scam reports during the holiday season. Scammers take advantage of their victim’s stress and higher than usual activity levels that come with the holiday season, to trick customers into providing their personal or financial information and making false payments under the pretense of keeping their service active. Scammers are also attempting to take advantage of the economic impacts of the ongoing pandemic to pressure families and businesses who may be struggling with past-due balances.

Common schemes involve scammers’ use of technology to replicate a company’s phone number through caller ID—also known as “spoofing”—threatening to turn off a customer’s service unless they make a direct payment with a prepaid cash card. Some scams involve imposters posing as Atlantic City Electric employees to gain entry into a customer’s home to steal belongings, with other activities involving scammers sending emails to businesses, requesting that they send Atlantic City Electric payments to bogus pay sites.

Here are some tips to help identify scams:

Atlantic City Electric will never come to a customer’s home or business to:

  • Demand a payment.
  • Ask for immediate payment with a prepaid cash card or cryptocurrency.
  • Ask them to make a direct payment with a prepaid cash card.
  • Ask for their Atlantic City Electric account number or other personal information, such as a driver’s license number, a social security number or bank information.

To identify an actual Atlantic City Electric employee, remember: 

  • All Atlantic City Electric field employees wear a uniform with the Atlantic City Electric logo, including shirt and safety vest.
  • Atlantic City Electric employees visibly display a company ID badge with the Atlantic City Electric logo and employee’s name.

Any customer who believes they have been a target of a scam is urged to contact their local police and call Atlantic City Electric immediately to report the situation. 

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